Android is becoming a very popular platform for cell phones. However, one of the biggest complaints with Android phones is the short-lived battery life, of sometimes less than one day between charges. Android is a very data-rich platform. Here are a few tricks on how to lessen the drain on your battery. Most of these steps will also work on any cell phone, not just Android.

  • Use non-live wallpaper.
  • Disable the audible touch tones can reduce the battery usage. You can do that by going to Setting > Sound and Display > Turn Off Audible Touch Tones.
  • Download and install Task Killer App. This is a very simple app that will allow you to kill tasks that your phone is performing when you don’t need it to. Your Android phone likes to keep things running behind the scenes for you.
  • Also an app called APNDroid, which kills all of your internet connections and sync.
  • When you are fully connected, remember only use 2G not 3G unless really necessary. 3G uses a lot of battery power for some reason.
  • Have your screen settings to the lowest accpetable level and auto turn of between 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Turn off WIFI when screen turns off, this is the better option.
  • GPS, switch this off unless really required.
  • Keep your bluetooth off at all times unless required, this is abig battery drainer.

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